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Old News and Documents

The Register: AOL UK delivers broadband ultimatum to BT08/02/01
The Register: BT 'institutionally restricting market share'08/02/01
The Register: BT broadband a 'national disgrace'08/02/01
The Register: BT favourite for 'Internet Villain' award07/02/01
The Register: BT has 900 commonsense failure06/02/01
The Register: Handcuffs remain on BT01/02/01
Overview of operation of the BT network27/01/01
The Register: ISP accuses BT of price fixing26/01/01
Sad cretin fixes poll - Real final results posted20/01/01
The Register: BT's gibberish payment guide could cost you 19318/01/01
The Register: Oftel calls summit to discuss LLU apathy17/01/01
We recommend that you check out 08WHATEVER.com16/01/01
Notts Telecom added to links15/01/01
The Register: BT urges UK not to use mobiles15/01/01
BT invents time travel, still unable to install DSL on time though08/01/01
Zen Internet - An alternative to BT ADSL 08/01/01
The Register: BT scraps Internet Villain sponsorship08/01/01
The Register: Oftel announces final cost of local loop02/01/01
The Register: UK Government to investigate BT26/12/00
The Register: BT offers wholesale unmetered Net access22/12/00
The Register: BT share drop over 3G ruling22/12/00
The Register: ISP sues BT for 37m22/12/00
The Register: Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)22/12/00
Pay a visit to Let' - For those having problems with BTOpenWorld20/12/00
The Register: BT strong-armed to offer wholesale leased lines20/12/00
The Register: Serious security slip at BTOpenwoe18/12/00
Please vote in our new poll16/12/00
Slashdot: BT Sues Prodigy Over Hyperlink Patent15/12/00
The Register: Prodigy to fight BT's 'shameless' hyperlinks patent lawsuit15/12/00
Poll fixed by sad weirdo15/12/00
BTHateWorld news page revamped!14/12/00
BBC: Fast net is slow to arrive13/12/00
The Register: Govt announces creation of super comms regulator12/12/00
The Register: Telewest ditches 1bn net plans11/12/00
Oftel survey - conclusions worthless07/12/00

BBC Watchdog - BT stops compensation payments from floods - 07/12/00
The Register: BT Bonfield's head to go on MP platter this month - 07/12/00
CUT: Predatory pricing - 05/12/00
The Register: Oftel chivvies up BT over DSL - 05/12/00
The Register: BT's chief boffin resigns - 30/11/00
BT Network to face meltdown? - 29/11/00
The Register: BT in Oftel snitch hunt - 28/11/00
The Register: BT still chasing cash for hyperlink patent - 28/11/00
Teletext: Oftel head talks of BT 'Trench Warfare' - 15/11/00
The Register: Unmetered access is here! No thanks to BT - 13/11/00
The Register: Oftel laughs at BT unmetered access timetable - 13/11/00
BT Openwoe - Learn of BT's great success and achievement in DSL installations - 13/11/00
The Register: BT's ADSL roll-out hits snags - 03/11/00
The Register: BT may be investigated for 3G auction-rigging - 03/11/00
The Register: Wrong software drivers issued to BTOpenwoe users - 01/11/00
The Register: Broadband for Brits at 9.99 a month - 31/10/00
CUT: Report on first DSL con deal - 26/10/00
The Register: Europe votes in favour of LLU - 26/10/00
The Register: Europe votes on LLU today - 26/10/00
Oftel to merge? - 25/10/00
The Register: Surfers pay millions for BT billing cock-up - 23/10/00
The Register: BT brings out broadband services - 09/10/00
Sunday Times: BT holds the net to ransom - 09/10/00
BT Finance Director chopped, more heads still to roll - 06/10/00
BT Increases Payphone Charges. Management to leave? - 03/10/00
The Register: Oftel starts BT investigation - 02/10/00
Internet Connections - Connection Types - 28/09/00
Information about ADSL - 28/09/00
The Register: Colt boots BT and Oftel over LLU - 28/09/00
The Register: BT fingered by own LLU plans - 27/09/00
The Register: Government loses faith in Oftel - 22/09/00
Teletext: BT "Stifles" growth of Intenet - 22/09/00
Give your views in our guestbook - 19/09/00
Please take our poll - 19/09/00
BT slogans - 17/09/00
BT survey - 17/09/00
Job requirements for BT directors - 17/09/00
BT Quotes & realities - 17/09/00
BT/Oftel Problems & Solutions - 15/09/00
BT claim to hypertext is proven to be crap - 15/09/00
BT Milks UK on ADSL (EET)