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BT Hikes Minimum Payphone Charge

British Telecom has doubled the minimum charge for payphone usage from 10p to 20p and introduced charges for directory enquries from payphones. Director of payphones, Malcolm Newling claimed the rise was in line with inflation. After extensive investigation we failed to determine what rate of inflation BT used to calculate this price increase. The greedy telecoms operator has often been accused of serious overpricing by a range of media sources, consumers and watchdogs, and despite an incessant advertising blitz over the last few years, few consumers believe that BT delivers value for money services.

BT despot to leave?

The never ending controversy surrounding BT continued this week as rumors were rife about possible departures of senior members of the autocratic BT leadership. The BT share price has recently entered into a curve of eternal decline which will almost certainly lead to some type of merger or takeover as BT finds itself unable to adapt to a technology driven marketplace with real competition. The overly conservative and backward looking BT board and management seem unable to comprehend their own position after years of bleeding the UK consumer dry and remain quite unwilling to adapt and modernise.