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BT Network to face meltdown?

Oftel proposals for more rapid introduction of proper wholsale unmetered Internet access are reportedly likely to pressure the BT network beyond capacity. Recently there have already been several serious glitches which may have occured as a result of excess loading and proper 24/7 access, with many people wanting to use multiple lines because of the lack of alternatives will almost certainly push the BT network over the edge unless there is some serious investment and speedup in the programme for DSL and fibre technologies.

We also looked at the practical requirements for some of the new internet technologies such as streaming video/video on demand services and found BT's ADSL is not up to this task. This will futher shorten the lifespan of BT's DSL technology and calls in to question whether the investment in this short term technology is really worthwhile, especially given the coverage and technical problems it is likely to generate.