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Teletext: Oftel head talks of BT 'Trench Warfare'

edited from Teletext on CH4 (pp507) 0000hrs Nov 14 2000

Greedy telecom company BT has been accused of deliberately withholding information on local loop unbundling by the head of Oftel, the inept industry regulator, David Edmonds.
Local Loop unbundling is the forcing of BT to open up the copper wires that run from the exchanges to customers premises to other operators so that competition may exist for the first time ever in the UK domestic telecommunications market. Edmonds said that Oftel had been engaged in 'almost trench warfare' with the group.
It seems though, as usual, Oftel will do nothing to punish the greedy telecom company.

Earlier this week it was also reported on Teletext that BT was selling a stake in a Swiss telcom operator to 'concentrate on domestic European markets' and on 'Internet services'. These are precisely the markets in which BT is least competative, the markets BT overprice most and have the poorest, least developed technology. BT look doomed and noone (except maybe a few of the shareholders) will be sorry to see the end of this company.