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BT Quotes and the truth

BT ADSL Quotes

It's up to ten times as fast as a standard (56K) modem ­ pages jump onto your screen far faster and files download at an incredible pace
Actually, it'll really never achive this with the contention ratios BT are offering, and anyone who has used a real network link will hardly claim to see 'incredible pace'. Just marketing hype.

You're permanently connected ­ forget the idea of having to dial up and pay call charges. You¹ll get an instant connection and pay a simple monthly fee for all the access you want.
Pay call charges - that's something that we shouldn't have been doing in the first place. It is only because of BT's miserable pricing policies that we have been paying them up until NTL, Atlantic Telecom etc. began to offer flat rate access. As for the monthly fee, it is [unsurprisingly for BT] a complete rip off.

It's an internet provider with a broadband portal as part of the deal - you'll get a service designed to make the most of the new technology ­ which means excellent video and hi-fi quality content, great features and a whole lot more to come.
Quality video content on ADSL with contention ratio of 50:1? You can't be serious. Get your head out of your anal cavity before you suffocate. Once one person on your circuit starts to play 500Kb/sec video, that's all the bandwidth gone. You need 2Mbit for decent video.

No twiddling your thumbs while that multi-meg file downloads it's on your desktop.
Multi megabyte file downloads will soon bring your circuit grinding to a painful halt.

BT charge £150 for installation of ADSL. They want to bill you to start billing you!!!!!

BT only appear to take credit card payment for ADSL. I wonder if they have a devious BT agreement with the credit card companies

BT want £40 a month for this dismal service!!!!! This is for home users? What home user will pay this for such a crappy out of date service.

BT want £100 a month for the not much better business service!!!!!! Shocking.

Are you a BT shareholder? Do you know that BT has about £30 Billion in debts from the purchase of 3G mobile phone contracts. Do you know that 4G mobile phone services are already under development? Will they use the same bands? Apparently not in the US, they won't. Follow this link to see some of the US developments in 4G mobile technology for their 20Mbit services: EET Article

BT has a share price in eternal decline. Why? Short-term-ism, arrogance, greed, conflict, and managerial incompetence. BT engineers are treated like dirt by the upper echelons of BT management.