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BT broadband networking group invents time travel but still can't deliver DSL on time

Unfortunately this transcript, (which we were sent), seems to be all too typical of the experiences many users seem to be having with BT. Perhaps this is what happens when you employ too many professional managers. We have changes all the dates in this to protect the identity of the person concerned. If BT actually understood how our present system of dates worked, they might have been able to use this information to attempt to seek revenge. BT do have a reputation for seeking revenge on those who criticise the greedy telco and have been known to disconnect people from their network for pretty trivial things. For example, BT disconnected a user permanently for publishing information from the non BT version of the manual for their DSL routers (In at least the trial, BT DSL equipment was not made by BT, it was actually pretty decent equipment rebranded as BT)

Customer - Hello?
BT - Hello, this is BT here, were calling to confirm your installation date for your Openworld service. (ADSL)
Customer - I thought that we had already agreed the 18th.
BT - Err, Oh. Hang on. [pause] No, I have a new date for you, I guess they couldn't make the 26th.
Customer - Fair enough, it happens I suppose.
BT - We will now be coming on 6th January, the AM visit you requested is still ok though. OK?
Customer - You're coming on the 6th?
BT - Yes.
Customer - Last week, you're coming last week?
BT - Yes, is that convenient?
Customer - You will have to forgive me, I don't wish to appear stupid, but you are saying that you are going to come and install the line last week, that's what you're telling me, right?
BT - Oh yes, I see what you mean. That's doesn't sound right does it.
Customer - Well I know that BT is behind the times in so many ways I thought that you had perhaps mastered time travel.
BT - There isn't any need to be clever.
Customer - Well I think that one of us needs to be or we'll be in a right state won't we.
BT - I'm not going to continue this conversation if you are going to be rude.
Customer - Tell you what, why don't you just tell me when you are going to install the line and we will leave it at that, what do you say?
BT - Hang on a moment please. [pause]. How is the 26th, is that ok.
Customer - Which month?
BT - [click]
Customer - Hello, hello. Hello, hello. He's bloody hung up!