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Oftel survey - conclusions worthless

Oftel has disclosed a survey of a comparison of UK telecomunications prices to prices in other countries.

Oftel seems to believe that the UK has the lowest prices for residential metered Internet access. This may be true, be people favour unmetered internet access in most other countries where it is affordable. Also, the reason that prices abroad may be higher for some services is the investment which they put in to their networks to deliver decent performance, something which BT simply isn't interested in.

Oftel claim that only California has cheaper residential unmetered Internet access for residential customers, but in California you get broadband, here you get a slow modem, an acceptable use policy, and disconnected after 2hrs. You have to justify your pricing by providing the service the customer wants. Cheap and crap is not acceptable.

Oftel also claims that the UK has the cheapest unmetered Internet access for businesses in Europe. This is simply not true. It is extrondonarily expensive in the UK to get a dedicated high bandwidth Internet connection. To get high bandwidth connections in Europe it is a lot less expensive. Oftel obviously looked at the wrong services when they examined this or they don't have a clue what type of services a typical business looks for.

Time for Oftel heads to roll...