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The Register: ISP accuses BT of price fixing26/01/01
Sad cretin fixes poll - Real final results posted20/01/01
The Register: BT's gibberish payment guide could cost you 19318/01/01
The Register: Oftel calls summit to discuss LLU apathy17/01/01
We recommend that you check out 08WHATEVER.com16/01/01
Notts Telecom added to links15/01/01
The Register: BT urges UK not to use mobiles15/01/01
BT invents time travel, still unable to install DSL on time though08/01/01
Zen Internet - An alternative to BT ADSL 08/01/01
The Register: BT scraps Internet Villain sponsorship08/01/01
The Register: Oftel announces final cost of local loop02/01/01
The Register: UK Government to investigate BT26/12/00
The Register: BT offers wholesale unmetered Net access22/12/00

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