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Bonfield behind Bullet-proof glass at shareholders meeting

BT despot, Peter Bonfield had to be protected by presidential style bullet-proof screens to prevent angry shareholders from liquidating the difficult to remove BT executive. Presumably fearing for his safety, Pete came on stage to deliver the usual bout of 'its not really as bad as it seems' propaganda and decided to stay a little longer in the boardroom (at least a day or so each week, maybe, if he feels like it.... or maybe not...) to top off that nice comfortable pension and claim that nice big salary. It is believed that despite his absymal performance in charge of BT, Pete will still get a substantial golden handshake, similar to that awarded to the similarly inept Vallance. The pathetic management of BT has cost many shareholders a considerable amount of money, yet executives have still been awarded ridiculous bonuses and substantial salaries for downsizing BT and bringing about considerable debts as a result of misguided purchases and acquisition of 3G mobile licences. The fact that BT's management has survived so long despite their attrocious performance reflects the powerlessness of shareholders to effectively deal with the management problem at BT.