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The BTHateWorld site is going to be moved to a new server at some point in the near future. The new site, featuring content indexed out of a database is here. You can now search the previous news items, and we are working on a new message board/discussion forum. Both sites will be updated, at least in the short term, but we're concentrating our efforts in writing all the necessary scripts for the new site. We are planning to re-introduce polls to BTHateWorld again soon since we now have the facility to develop our own polling system. The new system should be more immune to the blatent attempts at fixing our polls that we have previously experienced, and we should also be able to track BT's attempts to access our site [paranoia?]. Elimination of rogue votes by using voting statistics for particular networks/hosts will be attempted, combined with perhaps a system of cookies. This has yet to be developed, and we would be keen to hear of other people's experiences in developing a 'bullet proof' polling system. Votes submitted using public proxies or anonymisation services will be eliminated as unverifiable. Our intention is to make this system as robust as is possible.